Out of the Whirlwind

Cover of Out of the Whirlwind

Based on field research in Puerto Rico after 2017’s Hurricane Maria, Out of the Whirlwind tells an important story of surprising resilience and human creativity.

Emerging from case studies and other findings for the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine and the Institute for Public Research at CNA, this is narrative non-fiction, real characters solving real problems.

Reviewing the book in Homeland Security Affairs Journal Kristopher Thornberg writes, “These narratives describe, in arresting detail, supply-chain challenges for post-disaster recovery. From the end-point grocer to the distributor, the transporter to the federal coordinator, Palin touches on each level of a supply chain. Each story illustrates vividly not only what happened during the Maria recovery but what can be expected in other similar disasters.”

Out of the Whirlwind can be purchased online from several sources, including its publisher Rowman & Littlefield