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Supply chains increasingly aspire to Just-in-Time. Some see Just-in-Time as righteous, others see pride that goeth before destruction.  more »

complexity :

Wealth attracts. Wants and needs pull.  As populations increase, so do varied preferences. Individuality spawns diversity.  Proliferating demand stimulates diversification of supply.   more »


Supply chain disruption reflects innate complexity and unpredictable convergence of multiple variables.  Our choices often make bad even worse.  more »

space =

Just-in-Time supply chains are more feasible with dense populations.  Since sometime in 2008 for the first time most humans live in cities.  more »

convergence >

As relationships proliferate and interactions become more interdependent, contemporary supply chains converge to condense our experience of time and space.  more »


Lewis and Walker.  Old with Young.  Fragile or resilient? Join the conversation. more »