100 Day Supply Chain Review

On Tuesday, June 8 White House staff and cabinet agencies delivered a supply chain report to President Biden. Instructions for the report were set out in a February 24 Executive Order. This is the first of two related reports. This initial output focuses on current supply chain challenges involving semiconductors, high capacity batteries, critical and strategic minerals, and pharmaceutical/active pharmaceutical ingredients. Here is a link to the full 250 page report. Following is a visual capture of frequent words and phrases in the report. Soon to come will be a more considered exegesis of the text.

Some specific word counts from the report:

“Supply Chain” appears 739 times, “supply” appears alone 186 times. “Capacity” is used 240 times. “Demand” is referenced 234 times (“consumption” and “consumers” appear 21 times each). “Transport” appears 59 times, 27 as part of “transportation”. “Distribution” is used 40 times. “Concentration” appears 40 times, “concentrated” 35, and “consolidated” is used 7 times. “Ecosystem” is used 32 times. “Flow” or “flows” appear 25 times. “Network” appears 16 times in 250 pages.