As noted, demand management is not yet done

The World Health Organization has warned, “Europe is back at the epicenter of the pandemic.” (More)

Germany appears to have a fourth wave starting.

Despite widespread vaccinations, British hospitalizations have remained persistently high. The Guardian editorializes, “Mandatory masking on public transport and in places such as supermarkets should never have been dropped in England and must be readopted: it is a minor inconvenience with major dividends.”

China strikes many as over-reacting, but the increased case-counts are real enough.

The situation in Russia is very tough. Vaccinations have lagged. Non-pharmaceutical mitigation is uneven. Hospitals are filling and deaths are spiking.

For several months, I have been tracking US, UK, and Israel covid hospitalizations. Following is a display of a logarithmic demand curve for hospitalizations in these three nations, now plus Canada, France, Italy, and Spain. These data are reasonably accurate. I don’t have confidence in public data from China and Russia. I can’t — yet — find directly comparable data on hospitalizations in Germany.