WSJ and NBC Quotes

Just for the record, in the Sunday/Monday edition of the Wall Street Journal, I am quoted as saying vaccine consumption is not yet sufficient.  While true, consumption is being restricted by overly-tight access to supply. I try to explain this in a Wednesday NBC story where I say,  “From a supply chain perspective, you’ve got the production, you’ve got the distribution, it’s on the shelves and there is demand… but you don’t have enough check-out lanes and you don’t have enough checkers.” There are also not enough “stores” and not enough diversity of vaccination venues.  I am concerned that too much priority is being given to mass vaccination cattle drives centered around big regional sports stadiums.  These will play a role, but even more important is developing a full network of hyper-local points of access — where the population can receive vaccinations from people and at places where other less-exotic objects of demand are regularly fulfilled.

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