Restarting the Conversation

To converse is to turn-with or turn-over. Gently, warmly going back and forth together can open a topic, might open a mind (or two), and may even open conversationalists to each other. I once spent more than two-hours with my mother’s father saying, perhaps, a dozen sentences altogether. He reported to his daughter, “Phil is a marvelous conversationalist.” Well, questions and listening can unlock conversations. Conversation can unlock mysteries.

Over the last few months I have mostly focused on vaccination issues. Below are some of the issues that emerged. As I write this post I am finishing five very full days working issues related to the impact of the polar vortex on a whole range of demand and supply networks. Topics abound. Mysteries abound. Opportunities for conversation abound.

With the online publication of He Looks at the Earth, I will from time to time post on Supply Chain Resilience. I welcome your questions, suggestions, commentary, and more. I hope that from time to time we may end up in real conversations.