Six Supply Chain Assessments

Yesterday the White House released six assessments ordered up one year ago by Executive Order 14017. A capstone report is also provided.

Here are links to each of the individual reports:

Transitioning to Clean Energy

Transportation: Freight and Logistics

Agriculture: Production and Distribution

Public Health and Biological Preparedness (I have not yet found a PDF for the complete report)

Information and Communications Technology

Defense Critical Supply Chains

You can listen to Brian Deese, director of the National Economic Council, give context and his own highlighting at Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast.

I am still digging through.

I will, however, confess that my first-blush impressions are less than enthusiastic. I don’t — yet — see a coherent concept of demand and supply networks. Perhaps as a result, there does not seem to be much attention to policy integration across the six reports. I don’t see much attention to meaningful private-public collaboration. I do see plenty of evidence for a government-centric approach.

But… trying to read and think while the Russian military invades a neighbor — while answering lots of related questions — is not fair to the authors of these assessments. More soon, I hope.